Cloud Service

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Companies always strive, amongst othe things, to reduct costs, reduce resources and enhance information security through advanced information responsibility and scalability.

Our fully managed Secure Cloud Service brings together the advantages of cloud technologies with the control & security of a local serveer setup to allow the company to: manage / exchange information and socialize through the use of a user friendly and fully upgradable cloud.

Our cloud service assists companies in:

  • Not losing control and management of their valuable assets while operating in the cloud
  • Fill in the gap created between bandwidth resources and knowledge of local experts
  • Reduce operational cost bill through "pay as you use" scenarios
  • Achieving more flexbility and ability to act faster

Mikassimo Trading experts assist you in reducing the cost bill, time spent and employee resources needed through its flexible solutions.

We believe that your business is not easy and it should be given the necessary attention.

Your information security is of top priority to us and we will keep it safe.

Contact us today to discuss the ideal solution for you.